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The Dragon Chambers - Endless Dream by Dee Atan.jpg

To pay tribute to cocktails made in Singapore and to give mixologists in Singapore a platform to showcase their talents, mixologists islandwide were invited to get creative with their rendition of Singapore’s Moutai Sling by using 20ml of Moutai Prince and 30ml of 135 East Hyogo Dry Gin. 


Winner Dee Atan, Mixologist from The Dragon Chambers walked away with $1,000 in cash and is named Moutai Singapore’s Brand Ambassador 2022/202. His cocktail, Endless Dream, will be served at Singapore’s National Day Appreciation Event and National Day Parade 2022 VIP Lounge.


With ample freedom in choices of ingredients and presentation style, over 30 mixologists across Singapore battled it out the last few weeks with the final 5 remaining - Sam Teo from Stella Seaside Lounge, Cheng Meng from Basdban, Dhinesh Ragunathan from 67 Pall Mall Singapore, Eric Lim from No.5 Emerald Hill, and Dee Atan from The Dragon Chambers. 


Judges for the competition included Andrew Yap Founder of award-winning Papa Doble that is one of The World’s 50 Best Bars, Ethan Leslie Leong, Founder of award-winning Maison Ikkoku Group and Daniel Goh, Editor of Spirited SG who is a prolific writer and commentator in Singapore's F&B scene for the past 10 years. 

Here are the top 5 Moutai Sling Cocktails in Singapore:

Winning Cocktail - Moutai Sling Competit

The Dragon Chambers - Endless Dream by Dee Atan

Winner of Moutai Sling Competition 2022, Dee Atan, was inspired by turning his dream into a reality through sweat, determination and hard work. 


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. You have to dream before your dreams can come true. And I'm still chasing the dream” says Dee Atan, who has most certainly walked the talk.


No. 5 Emerald Hill - White Sling by Eric Lim

Mixologist Eric Lim took inspiration from a classic cocktail called The White Lady and created his very own White Sling, a beautifully lit up cocktail that is elegant and classy to sip on. 


Key ingredients chosen by Eric included Aloe Vera, Giffard Melon, Green Elderflower Cordial, Yuzu Juice, and Lemon Juice.

67 Pall Mall Singapore - Junoesque by Dhinesh Ragunathan_edited.jpg

67 Pall Mall Singapore - Junoesque by Dhinesh Ragunathan

The only mixologist that made use of a locally grown ingredient was Dhinesh Ragunathan from 67 Pall Mall Singapore. As the team at 67 Pall Mall have been growing cranberry hibiscus, he decided to not only garnish but make his very own cranberry hibiscus saline solution as part of his cocktail. 


Moutai reminded him of vodka which goes well with cranberry hence Dhinesh added fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, simple syrup and egg white. 

BASDBAN - First Summer by Chen Meng_edited.jpg

BASDBAN - First Summer by Cheng Meng

The most intricate Moutai Sling that used flavours such as coconut cream that had 4 layers of cocktail, filtered alcohol, foam and lastly garnish. 


A delicious drink inspired for the first day of summer, when the sun is said to rise to its absolute peak. Take a sip of this light, frothy cocktail to feel the summer’s vibrant soul. 

Shaken coconut cream, pineapple juice, lime juice, and homemade syrup. 


The final outcome? You’ll want to sip this all summer long because it has a sweet and refreshing depth of flavours. This cocktail will undoubtedly whisk you away to paradise.

Stella Seaside Lounge - Sling By The Sea - Sam Teo _edited.jpg

Stella Seaside Lounge - Sling by The Sea by Sam Teo

Inspired by the unique aroma of Moutai Prince, and the citrus aroma from Hyogo 135 dry gin, with hints of yuzu, chrysanthemum, Sam Teo decided on making a cocktail pairing tea fruits with floral aroma. 


As Singapore is a tropical country, he added passion fruit as locals prefer a fruity taste profile and Japanese sencha as his floral aroma. 


He then added elderflower liqueur to give it a multi-layered floral aroma and sweet syrup to balance the flavours, while finishing off with egg white to add softness and roundness to the taste of the cocktail.